There was a time in my life when I wondered what this meant. I had so many people in my life that I wanted to please and this did not include myself. Although I was hurting, this was a time of the wicked baby father and his wicked woman and evil family, I wanted to forgive them all for making me cry, depressed and sad, always. I wanted everything to be ok, I wanted to laugh and be joyous, and be happy. I prayed for them to love me and wondered night and day why they didn’t. I realized after a while that they were uncomfortable when they hurt me and I spoke of the hurt, they never owned up to the pain they inflicted on me. The baby father had cheated and here came this woman who came with painful fangs and vile intentions, and I was supposed to accept it.





It took me a while as I walked my life here on earth (still walking) to realize what an old saying (proverb) my primary school teacher in Jamaica, Mrs. Bodden, taught me (or rather, what I would hear her repeat from time to time) when I was eight years old meant. ‘All that glitters is not gold”, she would say. Things are not always what they seem, or the attractive external appearance of something is not a reliable indication of its true nature. Even the bible says the arm of man will fail you, you dare not trust your own! I was one, who wanted to see the good in all things and everyone, my perception of life is that there is good in everyone. When I often would see people true colors come out, I was shocked and hurt for long. Hardly able to believe that I was that naive, and that I made the same mistakes over and over again, until I realized, when I became who I am, Obara Meji, that you repeat life lessons until you get the meaning, until you learn. This world has harsh realities, and when they hit, it is what some would call a wake up call, a reality check, and even so, I was/am the person to still believe that good still exist. I refuse to believe, to accept that so many of the world’s inhabitants are so bad. But it is true, most of the world’s inhabitants, are really no good. O ma se o! (such pity) More



Be who you are, no matter what the world may criticize. Many people in life who do not have their own identity or have no idea of their own purpose will try to impose their opinions unto you and how you should live, and even if you are still searching to find yourself in this world of chaos and strife, a world filled with much evil and little good, pray your way through. You will get to who you are and your purpose in time, never rush or hurry your life. Accept who you are and be passionate in all things that you do and with what is important to you. If there is no passion for your work or anything you are involved in, then you are on the wrong path, search yourself, find yourself, find your path. More


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When I attended the revival churches, I enjoyed it. To be honest most of the people there made me laugh. Yes, I laughed at them, not in a bad way, I laughed in a funny way, if that makes any sense to you, but it was in no way bad, no, not at all. Sister Simit, it’s actually Smith, but Jamaicans (not me ooo!) especially the ones from the country says Simit, instead of Smith, I always thought that was funny, it’s a patois thing!  Sister Simit was married to Brother Simit who everyone suspected was gay, probably because of his love for everything pink. Pastor Green wore dentures, and whenever she preached they would clip, clop like horse hooves walking very loudly through the mike. I loved when the spirit possessed them and the whole church was all in a frenzy, anyone wearing dentures had to take them out when…

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Good morning one and all. I hope everyone had a great weekend as I have due to the first session of my online classes. Sunday I went out into nature along with my daughter and two of my Babalawo brothers to do Ebo (Eh-bo) which is sacrifice. When we came back, they had come to my home for a meeting, we have our own egbe (meaning society or group) where we meet and discuss things spiritual and also Isese (E-shay-shay – which is Yoruba for Tradition and this is of Ifa/Orisha) as we are all (including my children), traditional practitioners of Isese, and this means that we practice the way of our ancestors and the way it is supposed to be practiced as done by the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria. Not a variation of or similar to, or a bastardized version, but the authentic way of practice as it is done today in Africa.




Hello all, I want to thank all who attended class today even though class went on for over 3 hours and I am completely exhausted, I had a wonderful time. I must say all of you, every one of you who I saw today, were extremely beautiful (the women) and handsome (the men). Your presence, your essence, your glow and personalities, all came through cyber world and greeted me, Obara Meji, as I greeted you back. I hope that you all learned some great things today of which I know you will not share here in your comments, if you do comment, and I enjoyed imparting some of what I know to you. I must say before I decided to do the online class I cringed at sharing these important pieces of knowledge with people whom I’ve never met.




In Jamaica’s history there are many stories about different people. Some who are hailed as “heroes” who have contributed something great spiritually to our history and culture. Among these people is the famed Nanny of the Maroons, Three Fingered Jack, and others. As a child, I felt the spirituality of my country. Of course I had no idea what I felt but also I had no idea that I was a citizen on a very small island in the Caribbean with less than 3 million people. Jamaica seemed large to me, not large in population or geographically, but it seemed to radiate something bigger, something of which possibly could be described as spirit.




Hello everyone, today I made a post titled “What Do You Think?” In the post there is a video attached, and in the video you will see a Guyanese (not Trinidadian as the video’s title wrongfully states) woman being interviewed. I asked that everyone try to interpret what they saw and I purposely did not comment because I did not want to influence your interpretations. Now, however, I am ready to break everything down, and by this I mean interpret for you what I, Obara Meji, saw with this woman and what I have heard from her and also all that could not be seen by the unconscious/unawake.



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Maintaining the temple, which is the physical body, is important while we as spiritual beings in Human form are on our journey on this earth plane. For the unaware, the belief is that we are alive to live our lives and we mourn when physical death comes and that is the end of that. For the aware or conscious, there is no death, only the shedding or release of the physical vehicle. However, it is hard, very hard to fathom, and even harder to think about, mostly because we are used to life and we do not know anything other than life, being alive, and will do all we can to stay alive, at least most of us. The ones who kill themselves/suicide are a different kind, and one day I may blog on it. Maybe….


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