Hello all, welcome to another set of classes offered by OMOU. This course will be a five weeks course on Metaphysics, teaching about frequencies and vibrations and how to access our spiritual gifts which we all have. Every human being born on the face of this Earth came in with more than 10 spiritual gifts which has been programmed within their inner psyche. Throughout time, many geniuses have been Earth’s inhabitants as far as the Kemetians, who are now known as Egyptians, and the wonders that they have left on that land that are still being studied, scrutinized and awed by the world. Where did these people get their knowledge? Many people have gone as far as saying that they were taught by Aliens, or beings of another realm, or from galaxies unknown to the modern man. It is said that there was a time on Earth when God spoke directly to man and so now we find that people are waking up to what their ancestors knew long ago.




There is spirituality in every culture and within every movement. Anything that deals outside of the human being and deals with a God or a deity, consciousness, the Universe and it’s cosmology, things that are unknown to the human mind or unexplained, is viewed as spirituality. There is no single agreed upon definition of spirituality, but what certain groups or individuals look towards as this consciousness or their conscious level of elevation, having to do with their journey or pathway through life, this is their spirituality – the search. When I was a little girl growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, I once asked my father why he didn’t pork, and he told me that because he was a Rasta man, and in my innocence, I asked him “but daddy, I don’t see any dread locks,” and his reply to me was “I am a Rasta Man in my heart, mi baby.” Every since that time and events after this, I have always been fascinated with this movement and it’s people. Their philosophy, the way they live their life, their community, their wisdom, their oneness with nature, and their back-to-Africa-movement.




Yesterday I spent the day feeling slightly sorry for myself. I kept looking in the mirror and seeing Quasimodo’s (the hunchback of Notra-Dame) long lost cousin looking back at me. This years allergy really did a number on my eyes with the puffiness and dark circles. I did not make a post yesterday, because of that and also because I thought that the post the day before was a worthy read, so why over shadow it with a new one. I wanted to take it easy today and wallow in self pity at not being able to look in the mirror without being frightened or shouting out “who that”, before realizing that it was me, with a different face, but the keyboard called and I responded. The post will not be a long one, I just want to share somethings that are on my mind. It has to do with a phone call I had received sometime ago and what the caller told me. I asked her permission to share her story and was granted the go ahead. I needed to highlight this, because unfortunately many people think like this lady, and you should all know the truth. More



Recently I have been getting a lot of emails and phone calls from people who have been initiated to Ifa/Orisha either in Africa or else where, but after initiation they are abandoned, have become Orphans, no one to assist them, teach them how to venerate their Orisha’s, how to appease Ifa, no one to train them into becoming who they have now become or ought to be, being newly born into tradition. Some people have had their initiations for years and still do not understand ifa/Orisha and the tradition, have been initiated and left alone. It is sad that this happens, there is so much confusion about this wonderful tradition, so many people seeking power out of it, so many wanting to act as its authority. Even on Face book there is a war about Ifa, many wanting to claim it as their own, while putting down the African, even cursing him for his own legacy, some people even wanting to claim Ifa as American (laughable moment here). All this while the real deal sits in Nigeria, Babalawos chanting Ifa on their compounds or on a hill somewhere and have nothing to do with social media, some real ones do, but only a few. More



There was a time when I wanted to help everybody, even when I needed help myself, I still did not like to see anyone in need. The wicked baby father use to accuse me of picking up strays (people who needed a place to live) and bring them home. I never understood that, I thought that if someone need help then it was our duty to assist if we could, I did, all the time. I could not stand to see suffering, I still cannot. The problem my enemy have is that I am naive enough to believe that most of the world  think as I do, they do not. Yesterday during a text exchange between me and someone who I assist spiritually, someone I mentor, I asked them for a ride somewhere. Allergies are on top of me, and so my eyes are swollen almost shut. I did not want to drive myself, but I needed to go some place. The response did not come right away, (a long pause in the text response) and me being proud felt embarrass at that, almost wanting to beat myself for asking. I do not ask anyone for favors, I do not know why I opted to do so last night, perhaps it was all the medication I was taking for the allergies, I don’t know, but I want to blame something anything for even asking. More


I have always been attracted to peoples minds, this is why I like books. I believe when you read a book fiction or otherwise, you get a peep into the mind of the author, he or she presents himself within the pages, within the writings. His thoughts, his essence radiates off the pages and a reader such as myself looks to see who the author is, based upon his writings. I see now, looking back, why the Holy Bible is so interesting as an history book. With all its tales and prophets of old. When I practiced Christianity, I loved to read the Bible, and I have even read the Koran, this led me to study other religious texts, I became fascinated with God and all he was. I then found out the there were books taken out of the bible and so I went on the hunt for them, I found the Apocrypha, and the Gnostic texts, which were truly fascinating, I found the Maccabees scriptures and was introduced to Judas Maccabeus there, I read the story of the woman who watched her seven sons die for refusing to eat the pig, 2nd Macabees Chapter 7. I even found the book of Judas, and realized that Jesus chose him to hand him over (Judas being more awake than the other disciples, he was the only one who understood Jesus’s message)), not as how it is told in the the regular bible  which described him as a betrayer. More


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There are times when I may have something that perhaps disturbs (I use my enemy to deflect the negative words away from me) my enemy’s mind, when this happens, I look to my God for help. Life is like this at times for all of us it seems, no matter how happy you are, something comes in at odd times to challenge that happiness. My husband told my that his Oluwo (the Babalawo who trained him into priesthood) told him that “It is not good for a person to be happy all the time and never experience problems, if this happens the person will not live long, people will and must encounter problems in their lives and on their journey, but they must always pray that they do not see devastation”. By not encountering devastation, he meant, no matter the problem, we must be able to rise and carry on, praying constantly and with faith, will help us through. I have never questioned the existence of God, the most High, being born into Christianity, he (God had a gender in most religions, but I do not accept that, God is energy, but for easier understanding I will refer to the divine source as such, masculine, in this post) was drilled into our minds along with the threat of hell and damnation as written inside the big black book called the Bible. More


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Happy independence Nigeria, may blessings be yours always. I love Nigeria, I am also married to one. I am proud to celebrate their independence with them today. Nigerians love to party and so I am sure that there will be street festivals all over. Nigeria reminds me a lot of Jamaica in so many ways. In times like this when certain areas want to have festivals or celebration they will block the roads and any cars that pass, the area boys will go up to the cars asking for donations towards their cause, (almost like a bad up thing, without the gun, just blocked road), I laugh when I see this, because my own Jamaicans would do this kind of thing, I can just see it.

What I love about Nigeria? More



There have been many times when I have explained in some of my  posts on Obeah that the evil is not the Obeah man, (although he plays an important role in the “bad, wicked or evil” deed, but he has his place in the world, and he knows the consequence of his actions), but it is the human who asks for the evil work to be done, I believe who is even more wicked. An assassin has no job, if he is not contracted. Many people stupidly believe that they can do bad things to people, spiritually, meaning Obeah and nothing will happen to them. I meet them everyday. Although I write in my posts repeatedly that I am a benevolent worker and that all should not practice evil, people still write in for bad work to be done. At times I ignore them, because before, I would counsel them into changing their wicked ways, but after a while I was told through spirit that they would leave and request same job to be done by a “willing” practitioner, paying big money to get their evil wish to come through. Some people just cannot be fixed, they refuse to heal or mend their ways, and so nowadays when they write in, I will either delete the mail, or be very tempted fi tell dem some ole duttie claat, (curse some bad words at them), I have been good so far and not done this, but my fingers itch to do so, badly! More



Good day to you all. I got up this morning not feeling to write a post. There are people in my home today doing my floors and I figure that the distraction would be too much. However I feel I must, so here I am. I have had several topics on which I promised myself to write on since God knows when, but the time it would take to “Go” in on those topics, I sigh at the effort. So I will still put those off for another time.  I am sure we are all aware of psychic attacks, this is where dark or negative energies are sent from one individual to another creating disturbances. Often times we call these energies, spirit, and it can even manifest from a thought, as well as actions and even conjured. Not created, but conjured, called into being. Problems happens as a result of negative energies, and would you believe that even the clothes you wear can bring these energies forth, they sure can. There are so many forces withing the realm of time and space, that operates off a negative vibration, they float around like bubbles blown from a child’s bubble ring searching for a home, and here on this earth plane they have found plenty of homes, and live with many people who, with their bad ways, and negative attitudes spread these unwanted entities to unsuspecting people unbeknownst to them. How do we avoid them, or dispel them when they come around? Below is my own story of what happened to me yesterday while at home, even though I knew better, I still got caught up in its darkness, only for a moment I must say, but nevertheless.


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