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For all who seek to become initiated into Ifa/ Orisha traditional practice, please contact me at the email address to this post. This initiation is done in Africa at the Ogunda/Ate Ifa Temple where my husband is the Ojubona ( Chieftancy title for religious teacher) of our State and also the Otun Araba of our town Prince Chief Ibrahim Adekunle.




I am now realizing that how I write on the blog and all my experiences that I have recounted here for you all to learn from and perhaps for all the words of “wisdom” that I share with you all on my blog, many people would vision an old woman. I have written extensively about my life and about getting pregnant while I was still in high school, and to be honest with you, I do not regret being so honest and opening up to all of whom I do not know. It is never wise to judge a person, I always say this, because you do not know what lies ahead of you in your life, and I was shocked yesterday when having a conversation with a blogger, she said that there are many people who read or peep on the blog who may not like me, (we were discussing the unfortunate event which occurred on the blog a few nights ago when someone came on and disrespected me), “not like me?, I recoiled in my mind, although I said nothing.



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Hi everyone, I have no idea where you all have gone, but I trust that you are well. I have a busy day today so I will bring back something I wrote long ago, please enjoy. For all who run whey, I still love you.





There were times when I was growing when I wished the world would be at peace. People would love each other and live together, in peace love and unity, I still pray for this each time I pray. These thoughts which were in my mind echoes the psalm of David which says “How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…..” I day dreamed of peace and a world without war, hate and violence, I am a descendant of slaves if I am to believe that my ancestors were slaves, so embedded within my DNA, my genetic memory is the pain and anguish of my ancestors, I did not want a continuation of that I yearned for a good world. As I grew, I realized that the world that I dreamed of would never be. I learned later that problem had to be apart of people’s daily lives, and that the world has to be in chaos in order for it to be. In other words the world has to be how it is in order to exist. We choose to come into the chaos to find whatever we came here for which can be our truth as spiritual beings and to learn through experience so that we can teach from them while living here or when we are elevated into the realms of spirit, death of the physical.




Good day to you all. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I woke up this morning not feeling to write a post, as I am still exhausted from all the festivities of the initiation I just did along with my children. It had its intense moments and it also had its fun moments. Intense, because when the oloorishas are divining to the Egbes to ask about each step that is taken, you never know what will come out, what they will say, or what sacrifices will be asked for and why. Each step takes you closer to the memory of who you really are and from which realm out within time and space you came from. What were you when you lived there and your importance to your society there. The first night my oldest child came to Africa for the Egbe initiation, in the evening as my husband relaxed in our room sleeping, and the children and I watched chopped on the food network in the parlour, my daughters egbe husband went into the room to my husband and tapped him slightly on his leg and introduced himself while pointing out toward the parlour where we were and told him that HE was my childs husband. Can we say brazen? Not Amen, ei nuh, Brazen! He was to make an appearance some more times, but only to my husband, ah guess him ah think “big man ting”.




Hi everyone, I want to see the feedback via email or even through comments of this new project I am currently developing. I will be doing a series of spiritual classes in New York city in a couple of weeks. The classes will be on How to develop your spirituality or spiritual abilities, cleansing your aura, your home or space, with spiritual baths and washes among other things. More


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I didn’t know that I had a sister from my father, I had no idea while growing up. The first time I heard her name mentioned I was surprised. I had no idea that daddy had a life before with anyone beside my mom. He mentioned that I had a sister named Donnette, and he said he missed her but he had nothing to do with the mother so it was so sad that he could not visit or see her. He was talking to his friend at the time under the mango tree next door, smoking a spliff while I sucked my thumb and laid on his lap. I looked up and asked him if it was true that I had a sister, and he nodded and answered yes Nunu (which was what he affectionately called me as a child), one day you will meet her, he said, I…

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I met Donnette, my sister, from my father years after I had first found out about her, readTying/Binding to you, a tale of Obeah/Juju. I was living with my children along with the Nanny and my junior sister. The wicked baby father was around still and I had my hair salon which was doing very well. My dad called me one day while I was working in my shop. He told me that Donnette, whom I have never met, had been given a visa and was coming to America. I was curious as to how he knew, since I knew or thought they had no contact with each other. Daddy explained that she had contacted one of his eleven brothers and sisters and had gotten his phone number. My father sounded happy, as he had always carried a guilt with him of having no relationship with his…

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I know that reading the title before you click the more option to continue reading, many of you will first go, huh? I have met more than my share of evil people and evil doers. Even yesterday I called the wicked baby father to warn him of something I saw while reading one of the children I have for him. It was a hard call, but I had to do it. Hard because whenever I speak with him, glimpses of the horror I experienced while with him and also his horrible family runs through my mind. Please do not read and at the same time begin to psycho analyze me believing that I am not over the whole horrible ordeal I experienced with him and his family which was so long ago, but know that it was a time when I began my young life and I did not expect to meet these monsters in life, at least not in human form, my mother did not prepare me for them. It was bad enough that I knew the wicked baby father and his equally wicked mother and cruel siblings for who they are, but my children grew up to see and observe the same thing, with no influence from me. Today’s post is on people like these, folks who smile with you (and those who do not), ones who fool the world and who are the mythical (I do not believe in Satan, love the name, but do not believe he is real as a single entity and so powerful, almost close to God? No way, no way! God has no enemies) Devil incarnate. More



Good morning to you all. I am back but very exhausted. We finally completed our Egbe initiations, my daughters and I, and it was an experience, a beautiful one I must say. I am not ready as yet to give details about the initiations and information as to where we came from as yet, as in which realms we came from within time and space (we found out, although I already knew my own and also my children) and who our family are and more but I must tell you all that Africans, (Not just Nigerians alone, although dem deh pon top ah tings in my opinion) and their knowledge are something out of this world. I have been privy to many initiations and have taken part into many myself. But when I stand as an initiate and see and feel from that position, my hats goes off to them, from the drummers, to the butchers to the cooks and the little old ladies (dem strong yuh fenneh, one all life mi up and carry me on her back and she nuh younger dan 96!) who are there shouting Ase!!!!!…..lol…big up oonuh self oooooo!. I must say how extremely fortunate I am to have found this, my path in life, in this incarnation. God I thank you! More



I worried if I should again share another persons experience with death today, I saw that many of you did not respond to the post. However I thought to myself that information like these are needed and this is a spiritual blog site after all. For too long we have been told all sorts of things pertaining to death and its experience and regardless if it is a gloomy subject, these experiences by these people who have come back to tell their stories are very informative and an actual relief from what the church teaches. I remember a pastor years ago taught us something from the bible and he even interpreted it (fool as he was), “Where the tree falls there shall it lie, judgment shall find it same place” this is found some where in Ecclesiastes. His interpretation was that when a person dies, and is buried the dead will be in that grave until judgment day. There will never be a judgement day, judgement hall of course for your life review not the day. This interpretation of what he preached that day is so wrong. I once wrote two stories on this site, which detailed the death experience of two different people, Lolly and Jonah. Lolly was earth bound and Jonah wished to die, his wife had left and he longed to be with her, when death came he happily went, my bloggers did not receive it well I suppose, perhaps it was too deep for them. I have since removed from the blog but I want to give you all just a paragraph or two of their stories here today. If you read the full story you would love it. I am still in initiation will be finished soon however, I will try to peep in.


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