If someone asked me how has my life’s journey been so far, I would answer it has been a wonderful life. Yet deep down, I would look at myself from beneath quizzically and ask my self has it? If I pressed myself to answer, I would still admit that it has been a wonderful life, it truly has. There were times when I wondered if I would ever get over the beatings my father gave me without cause. I was disturbed by them growing up, because here was a man over 6feet tall, beating me with all his might (I watched as he heaved and flogged me, taking all the strength he had to hit me hard, he was a construction worker and very strong, I was around 1o years old when the beatings became much). My mother would not stop him, even though in my mind I willed her to. She didn’t. The beatings would not have been so bad (so I tell myself) if I knew the reasons why I got them. I was a good child, a studious one. I did not have friends and was obedient to my parents. He had always slapped me when growing up, but the hard flogging began when I passed common entrance for St Andrews High School for Girls (one of the best times of my life in Jamaica, oh the memories). One day I asked my mom, why was he beating me? I had just come in from school and she told me to hurry up and have my bath, eat and go to sleep before he came home. My heart began to race, and I asked her why, what was my offense, she said nothing. Worried and afraid that evening, I hurriedly went to the bathroom and began to soap up, only to have him come in and beat me on my wet skin, de panty line (Jamaicans remember de panty line) popped dung. More


maxresdefaultThe lessons of karma are so much often repeated that many people just take it at face value and not as something real. The law of causation (cause and effect) is real and must be taken seriously. Spirituality needs to be taught in schools, or as parents, we must take up the responsibility to teach our children that the world we all live in is alive and pulsating. There are forces that protects us and forces which are here to harm us or create encumbrances to block our way. These forces are necessary for our evolution both malevolent ones and benevolent ones. Christianity has created the Devil or Satan (a singular being with minions at hand) to represent the malevolent forces I speak of here albeit they erroneously teach that these forces are but one single entity, who once was an angel named Lucifer. Perhaps I should not be critical of these teachings and learn to understand that this may have been a crafty way the religion figured they could teach their followers about forces of good and evil (making them singular entities with human emotions). Yeah, that’s it, perhaps! (light bulb moment for me here, let me take a minute to sink this in).




Hello everyone, I would like to introduce to you a new page up on Embracing Spirituality. This page will be ran by a young man simply known as Oladayo (Ola-dye-o). Everyday my inbox floods with emails about dreams and visions, but because of my busy schedule I have no time to answer all of the emails and I hate slighting anyone, so I have enlisted the help of this young man, who is very talented in interpreting dreams, to help manage this part of the blog.




Two days or I should say nights ago, we took an outing to one of Lagos’s rough ghetto areas called Mushin, not the market (for the Nigerians who will read this) the town itself. We were going to meet up with someone near the Luth hospital. The driver we have is a little short man, (he says he’s twenty, but he looks 45 wrinkles and all) who can drive very well but does not “know road”, as Nigerians say. No matter how many times we have traveled somewhere and have directed him, we will still have to direct him again and again to the same place he just went, neither does he know his left from his right, nor according to him, the month when he was born, oonuh si mi dine trial? A person with a sane mind or rather a person who is normal would not employ him, I did, examine this statement well. I am not saying that I am insane or mi mad fi hire him, or perhaps ah dat mi ah sey, who knows), but I do not conform to what is the “norm”, how others think is not how I think, I do what I feel within the moment I am feeling it, mek sense? More



I want to thank all who responded to KG in the post below. One or two are just enough to encourage. We are our brothers keeper, and must jump into action to save and assist our fellow man. When I was going through my awakening, it was jarring to say the least. I felt as if my enemy (I mean me here, but words, sound, power, I have thrown the negative sentence on the enemy, you must do the same) was losing her mind. It first began at age five (my awakening did), where I would be playing in the back yard in Jamaica and stones would be thrown at me, from behind a tree, but no one was there. I never told my parents but I was a very scared child, much like the kid in the movie the sixth sense. Cats would crawl up from under our cellar and would sit at my feet, watching me while I slept in my darken room, with only the moon and its light for company. Something would stir me awake and I would hear a soft purr or a low growl and see eyes reflecting off the moon shine which looked like diamonds attracted to a face with white whiskers…..oonuh can imagine de pee pee whey come straight ah mi foot, but choo mi fraid ah beating, it tun back up. It would be years later that I would realize what was happening to me then, what had made such a fraidy fraud child, what had me sleeping in-between my parents at night, too terrified to sleep alone. It was years after a dreadful awakening and eventually becoming Obara Meji, that I found out that the pathway to beauty, wisdom, knowledge and excellence is a rough, rocky and daunting one. More



“I have given up on god. just finished writing my suicide note. I dont know what else to do. i dont know where to look for help. my life is too much for me right. im loing more than im gaining. i need serious help. im giving my self a next week if nothing gets better i will know what to do.”

Someone sent this comment in, I do not know of it is a bluff, but I will not take a chance. I implore all who blog, peep, visit this site, to please pray for this person whose blog name is KG. If it is indeed a bluff, then also include in your prayer release for all those who may be suffering in any way throughout the world. If you need this person’s email or information just to connect with them, please do not put your phone number on the site or email address. Send it to me, I will in turn contact KG, to see it is ok to connect you and go from there. More



Namaste to all my bloggers, peepers, new comers and somtimers, although it seems like me the blog owner tun sometimer nowadays. It is due to me being very busy, not being neglectful at all. Today Diwali the festival of lights is being celebrated all over the world by Hindu’s and others like myself who appreciate this festival and all it stands for. In 2014 our then blogger (don’t know what happen to her, but mi wish her well) Ty had written on Diwali. Her husband Yw although Jamaican like herself is of Indian descent or ancestry. I remember growing up as a child in Jamaica seeing Jamaican Indians (coolie as we called them, which is not a derogatory word, it actually means hard working) celebrating Diwali, and being fascinated by their preparations for the festival weeks before the date came. They would play loudly the beautiful Hindu praise songs, and would dress beautifully as Indians do. The women would have the beautiful red dots in the middle of their forehead, and the most beautiful nose rings in their noses. The whole festivity seemed to charge the air with excitement, they would sacrifice goats and although I did not understand what they were doing (Jamaicans would whisper “de Coolie dem ah wuk dem Obeah”) I wanted to be apart of whatever they were doing, the cooking was much and the smells permeated the air mouth wateringly (I made up de wud, oonuh low mi). It was to be years later that I would be told about Diwali and what it was, and this revelation was given to me by my non-physicals through a vision, yuh waan know how? Press de more button and find out. More



Hello mi people, the site is back up, and I say all praises be to the most high and to the universe itself. To all my ancestors, guardian angels, benevolent and also malevolent beings, (yes we haffi big up de malevolent dem, because they are great teachers) big up oonuh self. The site has been down for two weeks, and I thank all who have emailed me with genuine concern. When it went down, I admit I had no idea as I was very busy here in this Nigeria and had not been online for a while, but what I know for sure is that God loves me now and forever always. Today’s post is a prayer. Prayer is an essential key to life, you do not have to be religious to utter words of faith to whoever or whatever you believe in. The conscious mind influences the sub-conscious, and we are today a product of our past thoughts (wishes, beliefs and prayers). This is why we must watch our speech, our utterances, think positively, release fear doubt and worry. Plant the seed of growth and positivity within our sub-conscious, which is our mental Universe, believe it and see it manifest. Never forget to pray. Pray with belief. More



Good day all. I think this is a very important topic that you all need to read and contemplate on. Often times we leave our homes, go out to work or other places and pick up so many things that do not belong to us spiritually that may ruin our day, change how we feel or think emotionally, affect our physical body such as aches, pains, or fatigue, disrupt our lives in certain ways etc. We must always be mindful that good and bad energies are all around and so I cannot stress enough for you all to be present in your lives by realizing when something is wrong…




Obeah is something that is real and woe be to the ones who constantly say they do not believe. To me, this is either ignorance (which can not be faulted) or a psychological attempt to block out all negative possibilities. The thing is, the realness of Obeah should never be taken for granted because many people’s lives are affected by wicked hands who have the ability to manipulate energy. This really is what Obeah is, good or bad, the manipulation  of energy which is very possible.

There was a time when I traveled with some people. We were going on a spiritual journey. Little did I know that we were heading into a great spiritual war, which was planned against me by someone I thought I could trust. The signs were all around, but I with all my wisdom ignored them.


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