Greetings everyone. I am happy to announce the first set of OMOU Classes for 2017. This first course will be on Dreams and it is to be taught by Oladayo. I am sure most of you are already familiar with him (see his Dream Interpretations page).  The first of the classes will begin Saturday, 28 January 2017. His course will be a 5 weeks course (5 Classes), a Saturday every week. The course will teach about Dreams, which are a phenomenon even to this day, where many people, scholars and spiritualists even, are still astounded as to where the mind goes when it is deeply relaxed and the spirit travels through time and space, bringing back often times what we call Dreams, but are really prophecies.




Someone made a comment the other day in one of my post and thanked me for sharing my experiences with them for them to learn. When I saw the comment I sighed and shook my head, to see how far I have come in life. From the little girl who was pushed out of all she knew which was her family home, to go and face the world with a new born baby when she was a child herself. I had no idea what the world had in store for me, or even if I would make it. I was sad to leave my mother, and my eyes mist as I type this (it always does when I write about this time of my life and her), and yes, there goes the plop of the water splashing against the keys of my laptop, my eyes glaze as I continue to type and sniffle. I had no idea that a fascinating life waited for me up ahead. Fascinating in how I developed, the things I had to face and overcome, things I would learn, extraordinary encounters I would have, lessons I would learn, astral travel at nights, learn to read  the Tarot by non-physical beings, and become an oracle, and also a medium, so much more, was in store for me, as the world opened its arm and I walked within them, frightened, but hopeful. More



When I used to attend a Zion Revival church in New York, the Pastor for the church was a man in his sixties I  believe, and a very great seer. I have witnessed many miracles performed in the church and his prophecies were always on point. His wife was friends with all the young girls in the church, but she disliked the older women because she thought that they were all after her husband. I suspect that it might have been true. There were many times after church that we had to hold her back from fighting Miss Samuel and Sister Dorrett when she thought that they had pretended to be in the spirit and had willfully stepped on her feet, and I believe that she was right in her suspicion. She used to stop the service in the middle of testimony sometimes and take the mic from who ever was testifying and curse all who she suspected of having intimate relations with the Pastor, much to the embarrassment of her children and her husband. To us it was funny, so we never missed a service. The Pastor took a liking to me, he said that he admired my dedication to church and how helpful I was.




Yesterday I was told the most peculiar story by the Oluwo (a chief title for an accomplished Babalawo) at our compound. There is so much to know in this world, this is why I always refer to myself as forever a student, we all are and we all should know this. I forgot how the conversation began, but if I had my laptop with me, I would have pulled it out and began typing every word and posted it up for you all to read. I have always liked sharing, from I was a small girl growing up in my beautiful Jamaica. But what I do remember was asking him how old was his Oluwo when he made his transition and he said he was 85 years old. I was surprised because to me leaving at age 85 for a traditionalist is young, most especially Babalawos who tend to live way up into the hundred’s. So I mentioned this to him and told him that my own Oluwo (who he knew and also with whom his father who was also a Babalawo was great friends with) was 130 years old when he died. Yes I know the questions, did you see the birth certificate Obara, are you certain? When he died I asked these very same questions because it meant to me that he initiated me at age 126 years old, and there I was that day thinking that the man was in his seventies! His son and his students told me yes, his birth record verified his age. More



A few nights ago while the night darkened and I did my nightly habits before going to bed; such as making sure the kitchen was clean, straightening up the house, washing my face and moisturizing, putting up the cows in the barn, injecting the horses, leaving out food for the night bats, giving the lawn one last mow, fluffing the news paper the chickens were sleeping on, leaving out the night lights and snacks for the aliens who visits nightly and more, I noticed a tightness in the air.

Although I was tired, I had a feeling of being tense and alert, which I could not figure out where this feeling was coming from. After brushing grandma’s dentures and setting them out to dry, I climbed the stairs to my room and went to shower. While in the shower, I felt my mind drift, but on what I was not certain. Somehow I felt slightly detached from my body, almost as if I had stepped outside of me, watching me stand under the shower, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, except my mind. More



Yesterday I received a call from a client of mine. Someone she had helped two years ago was cross with her and had put their “I’m Pentecostal!” Aunty on the phone to pull down judgement on someone who they believed had offended the big woman neice. The story goes like this: The lady was thrown out of her house two and a half years ago by her biological father. She was pregnant with no where to go, baby daddy jump ship and run gone. Her siblings and the rest of the family, including the judgement calling down aunty refused to help her, so my client gave her a place to stay in her house, in an apartment that was empty. The offer was temporary and her stay was for free. My client’s family was against her assisting the woman, they argued that it must be a reason her father threw her out pregnant and also why no other blood relative wanted her to live with them. Fi wi Jamaican people first thought was that this gal yah ah crosses (bad luck), but my client’s soft heart got the best of her and I do understand because perhaps I would have done the same thing,  to take in and care for someone pregnant with no where to go, I have done this in the past before, that is another story I will write one day. More



Good day everyone, I pray all is well for anyone who reads this blog post and that you are all awake and conscious of our present lives. I woke up this morning in a rush to go out and buy some things I need and have been putting off for a long time. I do this at times, put stuff off and then one day rush to do them all at once. I guess this is apart of my natural personality, and even though I become annoyed with myself at times for it, if truth be told I really love and enjoy every aspect of me, even the naive part, (I’m an Aries). Being naive for me is not being foolish although at times I can be, we all are, it’s about being trusting, too trusting.

Life has dealt me some terrible blows because of this personality trait, and it has taught me a lot from the experiences I went through because of this. I ask my self the question recently would I relive some of those awful times? When I trusted someone and they let me down, causing me shame, pain, tears and embarrassment (like what I told you all about de teefing man) and I truly want to say no. If I could erase even meeting this dranco, I would, yet who I have become because of what he and his counterparts did to me, if I were wise, my true answer would be that what I went through taught me a lot and made me stronger, so if that was the benefit of the hell I went through, then I would not change the experience at all. More


Manipulation-2, Tying, Obeah

A few days ago I was sent an email from a young lady about her mother and what she went through and also how it affected the children. In the email, she had two questions: Who did this terrible thing to her mother? And what caused it? She had read the Symptoms of Tying and Binding post and saw the signs in her mother and the result after the fact, but amid all this there were still some other things thrown into the mix. When I read her story, it brought me back to an unpleasant time in my life with the wicked baby father and all I went through with him and his evil woman. Like the girl in the email, I, too, watched my children’s father turn into a completely different man after being tied. It also brought me to the present and how a thief stole from me what he did not work for. I asked the young lady if I could share the email and I was given her permission.



I just want to share a small snippet of a very long video of who I believe is someone that we should take a great interest in, and that is reggae artiste Chronixx. In this video I want you to listen to his lyrics very well. These words are things that I have been teaching for years and although the exact words are not my own, the message is the same. We continuously evolve. Life is a continuum toward light. As we grow and are awakened and enlightened, we rise not only individually, but as one, albeit on different levels. It was so refreshing for me to hear him say these words. When I look at his age, I realise that the world is not as lost as I thought, but these younger ones are growing very well and progressing. I pray that you all will continue on your spiritual journey as I always impress upon you (and don’t forget to teach through your experiences, and pass on knowledge, especially to the younger ones). As I always say, music is one of the greatest platforms in passing on spiritual messages.



Happy new year to one and all. I pray that this year 2017 will be a fulfilling year, and as a matter of fact this year is called the year of fulfillment. Last year was the rewarding year, and I pray that you all had the wisdom to see the rewards the universe gifted you. Because of limitations, (limitations of the mind) humans often have no idea when good things happen to them even if it comes through pain and sorrow.  As a matter of fact, good things can only come through chaos or most often sadness or problems. If good things come without some type of pain, emotional or otherwise, be suspicious because  either it will not last or death will come knocking very soon. More

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