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Someone commented on this post last night, so I got a chance to read it again, it was one of my earlier post and I believe it contains some important information, as usual read with an open mind and as you read ask your creator through prayer for understanding, always remember these posts are to share knowledge not to convince you of anything, but as you read free your minds open yourself for your own spirit to teach you. Remember Once The Student Is Ready, The Master Will Appear… Enjoy!

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You have all seen my posts with me writing about the realms and also of our astral mates, here is some information that I have decided to share with you today, to further teach you some of what you may know little or nothing about. In reading this you may see where I sometimes disaggree with Dr. Stone, this is because the knowledge that I Obara Meji have acquired on this subject was given to me directly by my astral mates, and spritual teachers who lives in the outer dimensions, but for the most part Dr. Stone is correct. This work was written by the late Joshua David Stone PhD. From his book ‘The Complete Ascension Manual’.  As stated my intention with creating Embracing Spirituality is to educate and I will not stifle other people’s work or thoughts or beliefs.  I believe that there is truth in a lot of  literatures, especially those that have…

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Diet is a necessity, and I can assure you that you will not develop satisfactorily (spiritually), if you eat too much meat as it causes heat and inharmony in the blood, disturbs the system, generating an irritating condition and causes the people who eat it to give off a coarse red aura or astral force, which I will explain later, entirely opposed to all conditions essential to spirit sight.  Advice on Diet

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One of my earliest post told the true story of Sharon and Donovan and the problems that plagued their lives through Obeah, read my post  Bad Sinting.  So many people say all the time, “I do not believe in those things”!, and while I agree that it is remarkable that people truly have the power or the access to power which can destroy, terrorize and harm others, it is nevertheless true, and very real. To destroy, terrorize and harm is only one side of the coin however, because on the flip side there is the power to heal, create balance, bring about peace, joy,prosperity and love!. there are two roads and it depends on which is chosen. It depends on the holder of the power, it depends on Character. Often times it is the simplest of things what produces the greatest results. To knowledgeable people, Salt can heal and it can destroy, also dirt, which is found everywhere can solve any problem and can also create the biggest ones. The woman holds so much power within her womb, but she does not know, and oonuh nuh waan har know because if she knows and decides to use it, God help the world, especially when PMS time!..What is greater than water, if you know how to use it? Eggs are not only delicious but if the magical uses are known even someone who believes themselves to be barren can bring forth twins….and never forget, Word, Sound, Power!!..Free your minds, let go off fear and learn, try to understand and pray for wisdom.

There was a fire man who lived in our neighborhood when I was a little girl in Jamaica, I remember him very well and as I write this story I can see him clearly in my mind. He was a nice man who would stop to greet my mom while she sat with her friends on the veranda of our home on his way to next door where he would go to smoke ganja with my father and the rest of the men..yeah, yeah, Ganja smoking was no big deal in Jamaica, even the police and soldiers were there smoking their chilom pipe too, oonuh nuh judge!…he was always smiling and was a very jocular person. Being a fire man in Jamaica was (according to how the grown ups spoke) a very good job which paid well. One day while we all sat on the veranda, my mom and her friend Miss Ruth,  my sisters and myself, it was the middle of the week and it was raining heavily, we all the saw the fire man run up to our gate. He was a short, dark skinned, sturdy looking man who seemed to be losing his hair in the front of his head. On that rainy day we saw him wildly running until he reached our gate, we all stood up and wondered what was happening to him. As he reached our gate, he stopped and stared at us, then he bend down and washed his face and drank from the pool of dirty water which had settled in our gateway. He then ran off, and I heard my mother exclaim, “oh mi God, dem mad de fire man!”, and I saw tears swell in her eyes as we all watched him run down the street.

It was through the discussion of the grown ups that I learned that the fire mans mother had come from the country to take care of her son, as he had fallen victim to witchcraft. My mother told Miss Ruth her friend, that the fire man was offered a bigger position at work and there were others there who believed that he should not get that position and decided to “work” on him resulting in the episode of madness which we all witnessed. He was taken to a man, a healer (this was Kingston Jamaica) and whatever the man did  was effective and the curse was removed and the fire man was well…notice I used the word HEALER for the person who helped the fire man come back to his senses, but in Jamaica and all over the world he would be referred to as a Obeah man, a witch, a Juju man or a Voodoo worker, words when heard translates evil and wicked person. Suh how come de same name doe apply to de Pastor wid him olive oil ah Sunday morning ah church?..ah doe waan laugh! More



I remember when I was a little girl in Jamaica we were sent home from school because a coffin with four “dranco’s >(our sweet Jamaican patois!), Vultures was spotted in the area and it was said to be sent by de Laurence looking for Mr Brown, read my post L.W. deLaurence!!! Read without fear. Countless stories of de Laurence were told in Jamaica and he  is credited to date on the development of Jamaican Obeah. I once met a woman who told me that it was de Laurence who taught her Obeah, I asked her how, since he had died in 1936  when judging by her looks she may have just been born probably around the time he died. She told me that she had written to him, (he had a catalog company in Chicago, which was ran by others after his death) and had requested to be a student of his. According to her this was when she was sent materials with instructions of what she should do and on how she would begin training. She went on to tell me about some of her training, which seemed to me to be odd and scary, lol. She was instructed to lay on her bed in the dark on certain nights and wait in silence, she had to make sure that everyone in the house was asleep and she was told that whatever she saw or heard she should not fear. I am guessing that this was some kind of initiation. She went on to tell me some more of what she experienced which I will not reveal here. She is well-known in her community a Obeah woman with great powers. As per her story she had a cow, her one and only cow which was used to take care of her and her children after the death of her husband, the cow was stolen and it was told to her who stole the cow. One of the area boys was the culprit, so she went to him and told him to return her cow. Well missa man denied it and of course no cow was returned. Miss Myri, that was her name, decided to teach him a lesson wid obeah, so she did what she knew best and it was not long before the young man was seen and heard walking through town saying “Moo!, Moo (making the mooing sound of a cow) ah me thief miss Myri cow!, the story is very known in her parish in Jamaica and I asked her if this was something that he did all the time, she said there are times when he is “normal”, and another time when he goes around mooing, she defended her actions to me, saying that she was justified in what she did because this was her one cow and her only source of income and she did warn him before she put on de obeah..true story, well according to her and others who knows her and the young man …mi nuh know wha fi sey …being  the proverbial doubtful Thomas, although I have even witnessed greater than that..

I was in Africa some time ago and my husband who is a Babalawo (high priest of Ifa) and I were having a discussion about Juju, and so he told me a story of his Oluwo, the person who trained him in Ifa, in Osun State Nigeria. He said that there was a time his Oluwo called him and decided to show him the power of a particular leaf, something that was just growing wildly in the bushes. The Oluwo sent him to pick the leaves and so he went, when he brought it to the Oluwo he was told to dry the leaves and pound it out to powder, after that was done, the Oluwo proceeded to add certain things, which also can be found in nature to it and it was burned in the form of an incense while incantation was chanted by the Oluwo as they watched it burn. My husband told me that the Oluwo told him to watch what would happen before the night was out, him sey money came to the Oluwo from the east, west ,north and south, moneyyyy, lolol, (power deh ah Africa enuh!)…he was warned however that such practices should only be done when there was dire need for it, it should never be abused, Never! I have seen incredible things.  Powers de bout…..   suh come mek we chat! More

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A while ago I sat down in my room on my bed, searching for something new to watch on the television. I heard my black berry made a noise which alerted me that there was a new email, so I opened it and looked, there I found this..

Comment: I happened to stumble upon your blog through your Black Woman and Child posting. It was curiosity that led me to explore the rest of the site. I see that you have not posted in a long time, I hope that all is well with you and your family. Your postings have done something for me. They opened me up to the reality of what I’ve always felt but was not able to express. It was like finding food that my spirit yearned for but could not find anywhere else. I thank the Most High for leading me to you. As I am from the Virgin Islands, I found comfort in the patios and stories that you shared. It was something I could relate to on a cultural and spiritual level. In my head you’re my friend, someone I can come to talk with when I need that guidance or when my soul is troubled. Thank you Obara Meji.

Warm regards

Also this very last one (there were many), which was what actually gave me the lift to continue,,Than you Sasha!, and everyone for the encouragement!

Please come back to your blog. Would you believe I am here reading all your old posts from 2011. I am so drawn to you, with some hesitation though :(.  I am from a Christian background you see, not baptised as yet. I struggle with some things I want to get rid of before I do but hey as Jamaicans say “stop the coming and come.” lol. I have been saved at an early age. I found you on MET’s site. I think I’ve been reading that site for about 4 years, often recently.  I look forward to the articles that you comment on.  Please start blogging on here again, I am so intrigued. Your last post was last month!!!!hehe More


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I am reposting this post because beside from it being one of my favorite threads, this is my roots. This is what steered me to where I am now. It was not until I became an initiate within the Ifa/Orisha tradition that I realized that this revival/Zion as we know it in Jamaica, is actually what is called EGBE in Africa. Except, Egbe is worshipped on the ground and the shrine (a pot with instruments), is placed by the root of banana trees, and is fed with all that we would put on a revival table, for example: fruits, flowers, cakes, breads and sweet things of every kind. Instead of lighting a candle, we would light a lamp,and sing and chant to our Egbe/Astral mates. I will be doing a post on Egbe very soon, but in the meanwhile watch the video and feel the energy of spirits!

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This is called a table and it is set as a coded message to invoke and entertain the Angels.  Watch the Leader and the sisters as they are charged with the energies that has come to join them and work with them for their Spiritual elevation and growth, Listen to the Leader’s voice as he uses it in sweet notes and coded language to welcome and entertain, watch as they use their feet and hands to pull more energy into the room, and lift the vibrations. After the first “Jumping” which is to heighten the vibrations,  the frequency lifts so high that the mother cannot continue with her speech, she starts speaking a different language and they all start “Jumping again”, People this is sweet sweet 60 revival, where I came from, and it is what led me to Africa.   Enjoy!!

“A child is what you put into him”……Yoruba Proverb

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Recently someone emailed me asking me to inform them on how to create a space/spiritual altar for their ancestors, and so I emailed her with the answer which I will share with you today.

Have you ever prepared a meal and as you sit to eat or perhaps while you are sharing your food it falls to the ground or even your drink?….has this happen to you often or even once in a while?….have you ever perceived the smell of food, something identifiable, maybe your favorite  meal, or possibly the smell reminds you of what your grand mother/father or whom ever in your family or a friend who have made their transition use to love while they were alive?  Or you offer someone food or drink and it falls?  thinking that you maybe clumsy you refresh what fell possibly feeling slightly embarrassed.

While growing up this happened all the time to me, and people would laugh at me and said that I was very clumsy, which as a child it made me sad, being called clumsy that is. I knew not THEN what I know now. There are so many ways our ancestors along with our astral mates show themselves to us, telling us in their intelligent way that we are not alone, THEY are here with us. Now you may ask, but if these spirits, ancestors and astral mates who do not have bodies and no longer need food to survive here on earth why would they allow these things to happen, what is the point, are they hungry, how can they eat the food or drink what is provided?

Fist let me separate the ancestors from our Astral Mates because they operate from two different realm although what is given to them may be the same at times. Our Astral Mates, what we call EGBE, (egg-bay) in our Traditional practice influences our lives on a daily basis, from our children to our marriage or who we partner with in our lives. I will do a separate post on them, as I have a tendency of wanting to clump all information together, mi haffi fi mind miself, or restrain miself rather.

Our Ancestors, wedda dem did good or wicked, caws some people would say to me Obara my mother was a wicked woman, I do not want to entertain her, RELAX!….There are many realms in the universe, and when someone crosses over, regardless of who they were when they had a physical body, the minute they transition they see and understand things differently. Now many people often say to me, “no Obara, my aunt crossed over and when she was here she was akin to Hitler, and since she left she has been haunting the family”. Let me explain, regardless if the spirit of the person who has crossed over went to the light or not, they have changed, trust me, they (while not having a body) are still very conscious and have realized the terror of who they were when they had bodies. Often times they came to this realm just for that very reason, read my post Tormentors. More

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