I am very rich in spirit, and I thank my creator for letting me understand the importance of this. While most people in the world pray or care for material wealth, (and I must admit, it makes life easier for some to have money), my own perspective of wealth, prosperity, being rich is very different and have always been different ever since I was a young child. More


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Yesterday a peeper sent me this from the Jamaican star. I know I have written more than once on this topic, which is real, but the Pastors reply had me rolling, lol. Jamaicans say licky  licky never fail, and craven choke puppy. Men,do not be too quick to eat from women and women do not be so quick to eat from men, although there are many ways to hang a dog without putting a rope around his neck. Nevertheless, these things are common among all the races, and bad people are all about. If you are ever tempted to do this, please do not. It alters destiny, not only the person you are doing this evil to, but to you also. Remember life is a journey, and people pass through your lives, to teach you something or to open you up to your true potential, and then you both have to move on. If the lesson is harsh, then this is how you chose to receive it. You may have had to experience it many times during your many incarnations here. Also do not forget that you may, in your desperation, bind/tie on (crosses) someone who will cause you your own demise. Try out “good ways”, and low de people dem pickney, ole Devil oonuh! (Not oonuh mi bloggers, but oonuh just de same, pick de sense outta de nonsense) More


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Good day to all and everyone. Over on the new site Ifaorishaunveiled.com, I made a post about Iwa Pele, good and gentle character. After I posted it I began to think, while doing some chores, about people and their behaviour, I even scrutinize my own self, which I do often. I know that I cannot change the world, and its inhabitants into having “good ways”, because, in truth most people are just no good, but I can pray and hope for a change. I am sure you will agree with me, that there are more bad than good people who exists among us, at least along my life’s journey I have found this to be true. I may not be perfect (except mi make up, mi shoes, handbag and hair), but I try to be decent, having no bad mind or jealousy within my nature, unless fly pitch pon mi husband, den mi beat it kill it.




This is a throw back post.

Do you believe that you are one of the few that are chosen to or rather sent here to earth to be a Medium, Spiritualist, Clairvoyant, Healer, Prophet, Warner?. Do you have dreams or visions that often if not always come true?. Do you see dead people?, Do you find yourself reading up on the Occult or wanting to know every or anything that has to do with the spirit world or spiritual things?, Are you obsessed with God, who is he, What is he, Where is he,? Do you see people’s auras?, In other words do you see color reflecting off people and may have had to rub your eyes to make sure you just saw that?. More


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My sincere prayer for all my bloggers, peepers, sometimers is peace and love. I pray that you will have peace in your life and that you will give, accept and receive love. Love is the single most significant element of happiness, so with love you will find peace of mind and happiness. I pray, that you will be present in your life and teach your children to do the same. More



There is a Yoruba proverb that says “When the normal becomes abnormal, evil is at work”. This means when things suddenly turn bad, or if you begin to experience bad things, often times one behind each other, something evil is at play. Take heed. At the end of each post I always end with a Yoruba Proverb. I love proverbs and quotes, because you learn from them. While growing up in Jamaica, I would often hear the elders repeat proverbs, often times beginning the sentence by saying “old time people use to say….”. The ancients learned through experience, and so these proverbs are from those experiences. What they suffered, witnessed or experienced, they becomes life’s teachable moments, and so it is passed along for the betterment of those coming up, we also must pass them along. More



Today is Wednesday, and it is pray for the world day. I am in!

It has been about a month now since I asked all of you who read daily to begin doing this. You may ask, what is my prayer going to do? You and I do not know, only God knows, but one thing that I am certain is that the more we pray on the behalf of each other and the world in which we live, the more light energy takes form and bring good and pleasant things. Meditation or prayer in silence is even more potent, there is a shift happening, and we need to protect each other, even those we do not know. We do so through prayer. More


Ever since I have been doing spiritual work, it has been disconcerting for me to see the amount of people who approach me wanting to do bad work. Even since having this blog and writing against peoples decisions to “work Obeah pon people”, some people seem as if they cannot help them selves, or perhaps believe that I am only teaching this and not practicing it, so they will contact me to help them do bad and wicked deeds. Some are smart and try to “feel” mi out first, and then when I ask out right if “its bad Obeah dem lookin”, they cowardly back down with an emphatic no, knowing quite well that they did so because of my reaction to them and their evil thoughts. I would like to declare now, that I Obara Meji, who is of sound mind and mi good up body, do not practice evil! The rod of correction is real, and the Universe does pay people who do bad things, I art not the one!



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Hello everyone, Africa time is almost upon me and I am super busy especially now that I have the new site to write on daily also, yes I am super woman, I will not deny. Please watch this incredible video that I will link below. I watched it a thousand years ag0, and stumbled on it again last night and watched it again. it is food for thought,but I believe every word he says. More



Last week was one of my new blogger Lincoln’s birthday, and we celebrated with him here on the site. God added on another year to his life and prayed that many more years will be added also. I titled the post Happy Birthday Lincoln, the Scorpion, and I did that for a reason. Which was this very title above, as the word scorpion always reminds me of the story I am about to tell. There was a post I did sometime ago where I told the story of the Frog and the Scorpion I do not remember the post, but I will retell the story here. This post is not about Astrology or Scorpio’s, but about about people who are stuck in their ways, and have no change to change, how we should handle or deal with such persons. More

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