Good morning to you all, I pray that all of you here will have an uplifting and bright day today, I pray that Olodumare (God) will bestow his loving kindness and blessings on you and your families and all which you hold dear in this life. I pray that the love of our all seeing God will guide all our steps and also protect us from any dangers seen or unseen and untimely death. I pray for love , peace and unity and that all this we ask for and receive we shall also return it to our fellow beings, I pray that we should never be an hindrance or obstacle in anyone’s life or path way, knowingly or unknowingly, and so as we ask for goodness from others, so will others receive goodness from us. God please grant us the wisdom to understand life as it unfolds as we travel along its way . Bless our children, so that they will not falter or be devastated in life but be uplifted and blessed because we the parents have sown good seeds before their path for them to reap the benefits.




I thought about writing a new post today, and as I sat at my computer, I saw a comment from another blogger who asked about the wicked baby father’s equally wicked woman, and the role she played in my life as tormentor, one of many for me. I must say she was a bad one, a  very evil by admission woman who was a major hell in my life, in our lives as a family, what she did not do to us has not been invented. She had the look of a Jezebel, they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but if she had even any quality which I could even grudgingly say was beautiful, I would say it, there was none, even her speaking voice was gruff and manly. I wondered how the hell he even achieved an erection to impregnate this Pig, but alas, the Pig is a dirty animal but its meat is sweet, so says many. She was a wicked force of a beast, but I thank her nevertheless, but for her, I may not have found myself, who I really am, my destiny, I would not have become Obara Meji.




There was a time when I had a Beauty Salon, a very big beautiful one, In my lifetime I have had three and they were all successful, but as I had a bigger calling I could not keep them up and running forever because God had a very different plan for me, and so here I am Obara Meji. During the time of my fist shop, all was well in the beginning. The shop’s decor was gorgeous and I in my role as stylist was excellent, I am simply being honest not boastful. With success comes enemies and one of my biggest enemy was the wicked baby father’s equally wicked woman, a witch with a broom stick, with whom he had sneaked around with at the time of living with me and our children, we were a family then, and of course his equally, equally wicked mother supported all the evil done to me, as she was born with two horns and a pitch fork.



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Today many Orisha worshipers will go to Ogun’s shrine and honor him, in way of prayers, rituals and sacrifice. Ogun is a very important Orisha and it is said that he created the pathway for the 401 divinities on their journey from heaven to earth. He protects and blesses his devotees. Ogun is the blacksmith, he forges iron, if we were to understand him and his role here on earth for us and our benefit from a human perspective, this is one way he has to be viewed.


((((((((((HUGS EVERYONE)))))))))


Hi everyone, today I promised to write about honoring nature, as I have received countless of emails on how to do so by bloggers and peepers alike, and to which I am glad. I got up late today and this was due to being up late with the Sex post and having the time of the day and night and so much fun with you all. I must admit that I was a little nervous about writing on the Sex topic, since I have so much to say about sex and I know so much on the topic spiritually. Of much of what I know I cannot share on a public forum such as this. Not that what I know is State secret, but these are things which explains a lot from a spiritual point of view of our behavior and how we think in terms of certain ways or why we do or react to certain things and how it relates to other beings and entities who lives among us and out in time and space. If these things were known we would have the answers to many things.




In recent posts I have written about Sex and spirituality. I have even told stories of sexual encounters I have had with spirits read this, and even though those encounters were in the dream world, I woke up feeling sated and tired as if I had ran a marathon. In my real life, I do not discuss Sex, at least not in public, it is a hard subject for me to speak on because hard as this may be for you all to fathom, I am quite shy. Behind a computer screen you can be who you want to be, so I may joke and play around at times, but that is really all it is a joke. While growing up, the subject was never spoken of in our household, and even to this day I can never imagine my parents “doing it”, ewww! Mama is however a very sexy lady, bandy leg and dress good, and daddy tall and handsome, so if I had to cringe and think about it I can see them getting there, but oh what a thought! Of course there is no such thing as a virgin birth but in the case of my mother having us, I will make an exception to my beliefs. Read this




When I was a little girl living in Jamaica my mother who worked at the University of the West Indies Hospital, hardly ever took us there, or any Doctors office, other than for our regular shots and check up, we hardly visited the Doctor, but then again we were hardly ever sick. Two of my sisters had asthma, but my mother and the elders in the community attended to them most often and it was rare that my mother took any on them to the hospital. When I had a fever my mother would give me ‘bush tea’, and rub me down with rubbing alcohol (wet me up, while I shivered), then cover me up from head to toe for me to “sweat” it out, and It worked. If I had a cold she would rub my chest and back with vicks vapor rub and place some under my nose which would allow me to breathe and when tomorrow came I was ok.



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In Jamaica, we have a saying which goes ” A little Joke is better than quarrel”, here I have compiled  a list of jokes sent to me by some people who knows how much I love to laugh. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did! I love my Jamaican people, can I say that enough lol!




Good day one and all, I have noticed from the other day in my most recent posts I have been writing about goodness and kindness and brotherly and sisterly love and not practicing evil and so on. I felt a little weird about being repetitive on subjects already posted but I also wondered if these postings were also messages, for someone in particular or for many or for even the world. We are living in perilous times, and often times things are brewing, and no one knows, or have even an idea,(at least us the citizens of the world), that we are possibly in danger. The world bosses (not Kartel) may be sitting on a crisis which may impact us all (the world), but as we go bustling about our busy day we have no clue. Something is wrong, messages are coming and we need to be aware. There is something brewing, but Prayer can help, of this I am sure.




There are some people in life whom we meet, who are on a spiritual path, they are awake or are becoming awakened, but often times when they discover that there is something different about them from the rest of society, when they realize that there is a special calling in their lives, they begin to run before the horse, instead of embracing their new found light, and trying to understand what it is they came here to this realm to do, they begin to seek power, often times the wrong kind or type of power. Some use the fact that people look up to them as enlightened beings and so they use the respect they are given to their advantage often times creating havoc in other peoples lives. Knowledge is good, and the saying is that Knowledge is power, but power can never be really owned by any human being. All things belong to God and we should know and respect that. Once you decide to walk the path of enlightenment, you have to be responsible, because there are those who will look to you for guidance, be of good stead and ready to give good counsel when called upon, never becoming mischievous or creating problems as in the story of Miss Dottie told below.


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