Among Jamaican Obeah men you will find some called Bongo this (John) and Bongo that (Tom). Now the name Bongo is not always given to only Obeah men, they are also given to drummers (Bongo drums, Congo drums, which I believe the name derives from) and also Rasta men. In the eastern part of rural Jamaica, St.Thomas, you will find Kumina people. They are said to have brought their practice to the island from Africa, and could possibly be identified as Bakongo people (their language which is Kikongo is still spoken among them there who practice Kumina, and Nzambe the name of God in the Kigongo language, is still called by that very name) either came from the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire) or through Angola. Theirs (Kumina), is a deep mysterious practice (in the days of old, I should say, these nowadays younger ones are not as adept as their elders before) which is highly spiritual and deeply rooted in nature,animistic in their beliefs. I am very familiar with Bongo spirits. My familiarity comes from my genetic memory of them, and that manifests when I am possessed, as I am a medium. The first language which came through me when I first became who I am now was Kikongo language. The first spiritual possession I had when I was at a Kumina was that of a Bongo spirit. When they come they dance on one leg, which makes me wonder about Lucumi people when possessed with their Ellegua. My Padrino was an Ellegua initiate and whenever he became possessed he would dance and act like a Bongo spirit and also on one leg. More



We all know that among us, with smiling faces and pleasant attitudes, walks many people, wicked people clothed in human flesh. Just as how beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to see someone as wicked, has to do with another’s perception. Often times evil minds think alike, so although one person may see another person with their evil minds and wicked intentions, another person’s perception may be blurred or in accordance to that person. However, there are those whose wickedness blaze as strong as the sun, whose heat commands the day, especially during it’s most potent time, which is summer. As I’ve always said, evil and wicked people have their place in the world. They are great teachers and most often they must carry out their duty as according to their will and destiny. Below in this story, you will see what I am talking about as you meet a very vile and wretched person that I, Obara Meji, have encountered while on my young journey through spirituality. I urge you all, if ever you should survive an encounter with such beings, that you learn from it, teach from it, and gain wisdom from the experience. But never allow yourself to become like it.




Last night I sat in bed watching Gun Smoke, one of my favorite television shows to watch when I am in America. My alarm on my phone went off signalling that it was time for me to meditate. I do so twice per day. I paused the show and began to do my prayers and meditation, which always take me far. While meditating, I saw myself in a forest and surrounding me were some small black people who seemed oblivious to my presence. Where I was looked like those National Geographic Specials when they would show the Amazons and the bush people living there. Except these people were black skinned and pygmy looking. I am used to visuals while meditating and I know that although I am sitting on my bed chanting words, I am actually where I see myself. The spirit has travelled out. The fascinating thing for me within that moment is that they, the people who were milling about doing whatever they were doing could not, or did not, see me. Fascinating I say, because often times our own space are invaded by those we cannot see, those that I call “non physicals.” It got me really thinking and understanding that many of whom we encounter, or even feel their presence, if wherever they live, they did as I was doing and found themselves within our world. Are they just as frightened as a human would be if they happened to suddenly see them?




Music connects us all to each other and to the divine. I have written many times, here on this blog, posts on music and the effects it has on human beings on a whole and also the response it gets from beings within time and space. There is nothing spiritual or traditional which can be done without song or music involved. In Jamaica, we have our beautiful spiritual kumina, which is the beat of the drums, one is the playing caste, which weaves all types of complicated rhythms but it is what tells the story during the kumina, and the other is called kbandu which keeps a steady rhythm, hypnotic like, and I believe this is the one that places many people, during the kumina, in trance or spiritual possession. The drums played in Kumina, Revival, Spiritual Baptists, or in any other traditional or spiritual religion, while beating, seems to have the ability to send the practitioners or attendees into the world of time and space while they still exist in the physical realm. The drum calls, it pulsates, it dictates, it is magical, it is sensual, it is commanding…. and when coupled with voices singing in unison and in tune, it has the ability to rise or create some particular type of energy, that when brought forth, can do anything.




There are many subjects that I would like to introduce on the blog or post about, but to do so would be mind-blowing to many who visit this site. Because of our humanity (and in that I mean our human limitations of the mind), there are things beyond this realm that many of us can never comprehend or even imagine, but  we can only accept it when it is either put into a book as fantasy or made into a movie to entertain us. The story below is an experience I had during the time of the horrific tragedy which happened in New York, now known as 9/11. After having this experience, I realized exactly who these doctors were and I certainly wish that I could say it here for all and sundry to absorb and believe, but unfortunately I cannot go into it as I know it will confuse many. Please enjoy this story.



Many years ago, and this was before I went to Africa to receive/initiate Osun, I went to Jamaica to work for someone there, spiritually. When I came home I had a vision that I must go to Jamaica and bring an “elaborate gift” to a place called Roaring River. I had heard of Roaring River, which is in Westmoreland, Jamaica, but I had never been there. After hearing this command, I questioned the spirit by saying I was just in Jamaica, why wasn’t the message given to me then? And I was told that I should just go. It was about 2 weeks after that a certain call came in for me to hurry back to Jamaica, my help was needed and needed fast. As I got there and met with my client, I realised that the “elaborate gift” that I were to bring to Roaring River was not in the form of presents or sacrifice but in the form of the client himself as he was a celebrity. After I came home from Jamaica, I heard a voice from far off call the name “Obara Meji.” This went on for about a month, the voice was clear and when I asked my children or anyone there with if they, too, heard the voice – all would say no. It was not long after that that I went to Nigeria for my Osun initiation and during that time, as I initiated Osun, Obara Meji was born.




I woke up this morning thinking about these three boys who are apart of this particular story. I had no idea why they were on my mind. Perhaps they came to visit me while I slept, although I have not the memory. However, often times, when one goes through a spiritual initiation they would have met many people on their journey who, whilst, not having a physical body, are now apart of their spiritual “team.” The story below is when I was young spiritually and was on my very brutal journey of “initiation.” When I became awake and set upon my path to eventually become who I am now as Obara Meji, this particular story proves to me that there is indeed no death as we know it, but the physical body sheds and the spirit is now born somewhere else.

After I had this experience that you will read about below, I remember asking my pastor (at the time I was Christian) why did I experience that? And he said 4 simple words: “You are too kind.” He never explained anything beyond having a secret smile and a gleam in his eyes as he looked at me, perhaps knowing something about me that he did not reveal back then. But I have come a long way from that naive neophyte who walked the realm of spirit as her body slept at nights, making many friends and allies who are still with me to this day. Please enjoy this story.




 It is said that the spirit of God lives in the heights of darkness. The Christian Bible says “in the beginning, the world was void and filled with darkness and God said let there be light and there was light.” In the Odu’s (life destiny codes) of the sacred scriptures of Ifa/Orisa of the Yoruba People of South Western Nigeria, there are the first two major Odu’s: Obgbe, which is light, and Oyeku, which is darkness. Within the Chinese spiritual principle, which shows their philosophy on life and all within, we find the principle of Yin and Yang. Yin being light, and Yang being darkness. Every word spoken comes from thought. The thought which is darkness, produces words or actions, which is light. Keep in mind that each thought is within the consciousness of the mind, which is shrouded in darkness and is therefore brought into action after it’s creation, either by speech or action.




When I was a small girl living in Jamaica, I remember a woman who was the daughter of my mother’s friend. The friend’s name was Miss Brown and her daughter’s name was Marie. People called her mad Marie. Jamaicans are very descriptive when it comes to naming people, they do it according to their looks (Black Gal Marlene, Fatty Blossom), profession (Cookie or Tailor, Gunman, Thief), or even how they act, even down to an ailment. If Jerry broke his legs, he would be called Bruk foot Jerry. Mad Marie resembled a younger and slightly lighter in complexion Nina Simone. She used to be a teacher, my mother told us, and from what people said, someone obeahed her because of how fast she was excelling in life. This is what Jamaican people call, bad mind. She was a victim of obeah because others thought she was not deserving of who she was, her education and her god given talents. Whatever they did to her by way of obeah, it attacked her sanity, rendering her insane according to her actions. I remember once, while sitting on the veranda with my mother and her friend Miss Ruth, Mad Marie had came through our gate.




Aboru Aboye oooo!!! Today, August 20th 2015, all Orisha People in Nigeria and around the world will celebrate Isese day (e-shay-shay), which is Day of Tradition. Today in Nigeria all Babalawo’s, Iyanifa’s, Olorishas and everyone who practices the tradition way of life which is the practice, worship and veneration of Ifa/Orisha will celebrate this day for all its worth. The appropriate greeting for this day is Isese Lagba (E-shay-shay-Lag-ba) which means tradition is the best way, or tradition is on top of all religions. After someone greets you “Isese Lagba,” you will answer Isese Lagba Gbogbo Wa (E-shay-shay- Bug-bo Wa!) which means tradition will stay with us always.


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