In recent posts I have written about Sex and spirituality. I have even told stories of sexual encounters I have had with spirits read this, and even though those encounters were in the dream world I woke up feeling sated and tired as if I had ran a marathon. In my real life, I do not discuss Sex, at least not in public, it is a hard subject for me to speak on because hard as this may be for you all to fathom, I am quite shy. Behind a computer screen you can be who you want to be, so I may joke and play around at times, but that is really all it is a joke. While growing us the subject was never spoken of in our household, and even to this day I can never imagine my parents “doing it”, ewww! Mama is however a very sexy lady, bandy leg and dress good, and daddy tall and handsome, so if I had to cringe and think about it I can see them getting there, but oh what a thought! Of course there is no such thing as a virgin birth but in the case of my mother having us, I will make an exception to my beliefs. Read this




When I was a little girl living in Jamaica my mother who worked at the University of the West Indies Hospital, hardly ever took us there, or any Doctors office, other than for our regular shots and check up, we hardly visited the Doctor, but then again we were hardly ever sick. Two of my sisters had asthma, but my mother and the elders in the community attended to them most often and it was rare that my mother took any on them to the hospital. When I had a fever my mother would give me ‘bush tea’, and rub me down with rubbing alcohol (wet me up, while I shivered), then cover me up from head to toe for me to “sweat” it out, and It worked. If I had a cold she would rub my chest and back with vicks vapor rub and place some under my nose which would allow me to breathe and when tomorrow came I was ok.



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In Jamaica, we have a saying which goes ” A little Joke is better than quarrel”, here I have compiled  a list of jokes sent to me by some people who knows how much I love to laugh. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did! I love my Jamaican people, can I say that enough lol!




Good day one and all, I have noticed from the other day in my most recent posts I have been writing about goodness and kindness and brotherly and sisterly love and not practicing evil and so on. I felt a little weird about being repetitive on subjects already posted but I also wondered if these postings were also messages, for someone in particular or for many or for even the world. We are living in perilous times, and often times things are brewing, and no one knows, or have even an idea,(at least us the citizens of the world), that we are possibly in danger. The world bosses (not Kartel) may be sitting on a crisis which may impact us all (the world), but as we go bustling about our busy day we have no clue. Something is wrong, messages are coming and we need to be aware. There is something brewing, but Prayer can help, of this I am sure.




There are some people in life whom we meet, who are on a spiritual path, they are awake or are becoming awakened, but often times when they discover that there is something different about them from the rest of society, when they realize that there is a special calling in their lives, they begin to run before the horse, instead of embracing their new found light, and trying to understand what it is they came here to this realm to do, they begin to seek power, often times the wrong kind or type of power. Some use the fact that people look up to them as enlightened beings and so they use the respect they are given to their advantage often times creating havoc in other peoples lives. Knowledge is good, and the saying is that Knowledge is power, but power can never be really owned by any human being. All things belong to God and we should know and respect that. Once you decide to walk the path of enlightenment, you have to be responsible, because there are those who will look to you for guidance, be of good stead and ready to give good counsel when called upon, never becoming mischievous or creating problems as in the story of Miss Dottie told below.





I want to slowly introduce to the Ifa/Orisha traditional practice of the Yoruba People of South Western Nigeria. I am an Initiate (of Osun and Ifa) into this traditional practice and have been for many years. I spend at least six months out of the year in Africa as I am in training into the ways and deeper practice of the tradition, and I love, honor and respect it very much. Old time Jamaican people have an adage, “if yuh waan good yuh nose haffi run” which means ‘no pain no gain”. No there is no pain, but Africa is hot and while I have air condition where I sleep, often times I am in the heat doing work on the compound along with the others. Now let me be clear, I do not do very hard work, we have students who take the brunt of that, and so that part is not a factor, but I must be present when we attend to the shrines in ways of worship, and bare the heat while  there is drumming and dancing and singing to the Orishas, which we do everyday, de Sun ah gi mi hell! All in all I would not have it any other way as knowledge is power and it is also key. Today, I have written briefly on Orunmila otherwise called Ifa. There is so much to write on him, but we revisit him over and over again as it will take some time and a lot of writing to really get the full, (if ever) understanding of this very powerful, well respected deity. My friends Shawnyrob and Oguntunde who blogs with us sometime are both Babalawo’s and I am an Iyanifa, and to my friends I say nuff respect.





When I attended the revival churches after my first initiation read this, all the happenings there were new to me and quite funny actually. I love to laugh and so even though I was in church, I found all the jumping and the shouting and the dancing and prancing around funny as hell and would often times laugh while holding my bible up to my face, while praying and hoping that God did not strike me down for laughing at his worshipers, but deep down in my mind I suspected that God held the joke with me, however I am convinced that God has a sense of humor.  I hope so. I was sent to these churches by spirits  who were my teachers during my initiation, they wanted me, a new initiate, a newly awakened person to be apart of a spiritual house and all the energy that came with it, it was all for preparation for another journey in my life which was to be Africa.




All praises be to the most high God, and all which he has created. No one understands God ,but what is sure is that he exists! As I have explained here before God is not human but we apply gender to it because of the limitations of the human mind, we cannot imagine another possibility outside of what we are use to, imagery projects reality, and it is assumed that the masculine energy is the more dominant or powerful (lol) hence God becomes HIM. What I have realized over the years that I have been living on this earth plane is that in every area of our lives and all that we go through Life gives us signs. I wondered for a long time if it were me alone because only a person living his life can testify to his own life and its happenings accurately, but after examining other people who I know or who I have met throughout life and my experience as a spiritualist/traditionalist, I realize that we are all given life signs, the problem is that most of us are too asleep or distracted to see them.




It maybe impossible for anyone to know much less understand the inner workings or even topically of what is referred as Witches, also known in Yoruba Land as the Elders of the night, Iyami Osoronga, or night people. These sect or society of elders (not relating to age but of knowledge and power) are a phenomena. In Africa whenever there is any spiritual party or what is called festival they are in full attendance but no one knows who they are, so they dance around and eat and enjoy in the company of everyone. However if the party is held by Babalawo or  an knowledgeable initiates, he or she must recognize them and pay his or her respect to them in a way he or she knows how to and also in way as not to reveal their identity.The Babalawo or the oloorisha will greet them and also pretend that they do not know who they are. I must tell you all that in writing this I am cautioned as to not to go too far in detail about them The Elders, no one knows what will offend them, and while we should not fear them, we should understand that to respect them even in thought is the correct thing to do. Due to the caution which I have received I will tell you of the Elders from a story recounted in a book, so I have therefore removed myself.




Good morning to one and all and in the words of Orunmila I greet you all  Aboru Aboye ABosise, to which you would reply Agbo Ato Asure Iwori Wofun. I know it is a mouth full to which most of you would not even begin to know how to pronounce but as we progress with this blog, as we travel together, you will learn unfamiliar words and their meanings which will not only strengthen your vocabulary but also tune you in through words of another language, the Yoruba Language, learning is fun! This mornings topic is as written in the title; Love Is More Than Saying The Words, and in the world we live in today it is important that we get this. In other words, it is important that we understand this and apply it to our daily lives. More

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