“If salt is spilled, look out for quarrel or fight, black pepper or any kind of pepper, the same thing – quarrel. If you are eating food and it falls to the ground your ancestors need your attention, or if a black cat crosses your path it is not a good sign – I never believed this one about the cat, but I have since proven it, yup it is true! If a dog cries at night someone will die, and certain birds if you see them at nights, like the owl, especially a white one, death of a close relative or friend is near. If your right hand itches, money is coming in, if your left hand itches money is going out, but for some people it’s the reverse and so many more tell-tale signs to aid us in this life.”

From the post ‘The Spiritual Power and Uses of Salt

Good day to each and everyone. The above are some superstitions that I will write about one day, but they can also be applied to dreams. I’ve decided today to do another post on the interpretations of dreams and visions and also the explanation of certain superstitions which may just play right into our lives as how they’re told.




Good day everyone. After taking a long break from writing and coming back, writing two posts back to back, this being my third, it felt good within my spirit to reconnect with my bloggers again. As I mentioned before, this year 2016 found me in another phase of my life, and this one felt as if I had been flung into the deepest part of the ocean, whereas before, with all my other experiences, it was the deepest part of the pool. I struggled and fought against the current of the water to come up for air, and for some reason, within the depths of my spirit, even though all is not well, I believe all is well. For now, I’m floating on top of the water. I have not seen the rescue ship, but I feel it coming. Where I was plunged in the depths of the ocean, where there was darkness and void, now that I am on top of the ocean, I can see the sun and it is bright. There is a quote that says “hope springs eternal,” and yes it does…




Often times in the middle of the night, or sometimes during the day, you may experience a feeling that is indescribable. Such feeling may be a loss of hearing for almost a second or two, the feeling as if someone threw a punch at you and missed, and just the wind of it caught you and you are left slightly winded. Or at nights, one may experience “duppy hold down” or what is mistakenly referred to by the scientific world as ‘Sleep Paralysis,’ read here. Unbeknownst to you who may have experienced this, many times these are spiritual attacks. Mind you, not all the time, but these are some of the ways that spiritual attacks come in, especially to those who are very spiritually in tuned. Let me explain what this last sentence means:




Hello everyone! I know it has been a long time since I have written a post. I have been extremely busy helping those in need (spiritually) and also busy battling wicked people, the kind who ‘came upon me to eat up my flesh, but in war I am always confident!’ One day I will write a post on the betrayal I have faced this year. When I sat with my elders here in Nigeria, I asked them, where in my Ifa (my destiny) does it show that I would be going through this. Immediately they began to chant a verse from my odu, which explains the reason and the benefits of my challenges. It was a hard pill to swallow, but the explanations made me realize that I had signed up for this.




The point within the circle is ancient wisdom, it explains the beginning of life and all existence, it is the universe and all that it entails. The circle represents the Sun and more. It also represents cycles, time and spiritual completion. The point is the essence of God. Understand this as you will.. More



For some reason, regardless of all that I think I know and with all that I KNOW I know (lol, laugh with me here, although I am serious), I am forever hopeful when it comes to human beings and their ways, I truly am. Jamaican people say “Pick the beam from your own eyes before you pick it from another”. I know who I am and am aware of my own character. Yes I have a temper and can get very cross, (never miserable) and I do get angry at times (shout out to Bounty Killa), but will cool myself down quickly enough. I am human after all and the flesh can get stained very easily so if I am encased in (flesh) it, who am I to escape it? There is no perfect Human, never has been!




Hello everyone, it has been sometime since you heard from me. Happy new Year to all. I have been having difficulties getting online, due to not having service in my area, but I am working on it. I thank all who have emailed me with good and kind words, wishing me blessings for the new year, and also those who email me about the blogs, saying they miss them. There are truly some good and decent in the world, not many, but we praise the Lord, and Hallelujah lol. More



Good day to all my Bloggers, Peepers, Some timers and New comers. I apologize for not keeping up with my daily logs, but I am in Nigeria now and have been doing some initiations for some people from abroad on our compound, I did inform you all that I would not be posting for a while. Well today is Sunday and we have a break here on the compound and some of the people have also left. I am using the opportunity to make a short post. More


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Hello everyone, I have not posted because I am super busy, and will be for the rest of the week, please forgive me, my natural loyal ways makes me feel as if I have abandoned you. This is to all my bloggers and peepers, regular people who, although you may not comment, I feel your presence here most often. However in my absence, please be kind to even strangers, be giving and helpful as you can, Regardless of what you think, the Universe is watching and judging. More


betrayal tree

“Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.”
Mineko Iwasaki

The quote up top describes just how I feel about betrayal. I have always wondered, what makes up the mind of a friend to betray another friend or even family. The bible speaks of Judas Iscariot, one of the most famous betrayer of all times, but upon further study of the mythical stories of the bible, you will find that Judas was chosen to release Jesus from his earthly clothes, (suh oonuh Christians, you can low de man name now). Judas was chosen for this important role, according to the Book of Judas (taken out of the Bible) because out of the twelve disciples of Christ, he alone understood “The message”. He was the most spiritual. More

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